Not a lot of difference…

I am in the process of updating Prop Designer and part of that is to use what is claimed to be an improved model to model the propeller blades. The model is the Adkins and Leibeck model which is claimed to be better than the Larabee and Glauert models I have been using. The models are generally similar but the Adkins and Leibeck model does not use approximations.

I have implimented the design of low induced loss designer and on first inspection there seems to be not a lot of difference between the 2 models. The results are similar enough that most users will not find  any difference worth worrying about.

I am in the process of modifying the main calculation routine and I will then move on to the off-design routine.

There are a number of other improvements I am thinking about making. If I can find the time and figure out ways to impliment the features they will be added otherwise I will release a version with only slight improvements.

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