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A quiet time

Monday, May 31st, 2010

There is not a lot happening on the site at the moment. I am hearing very little news about new or existing HPAs but there is some activity behind the scenes. I have not heard any news from Iron Butterfly, Betterfly or Zepherus recently. Abhilasha is being prepared for flying this year with some minor improvements.

I am working on a new version of Prop Designer, version 0.94 which now has its new maths working which results in only a slight change and most of the time is not worth worrying about. Other changes and bug fixes are being made or have already been done. I am now working on a new help file and I am hoping this will all be finished soon. Warning, my computer runs on Windows XP so the screen shots may not be exactly the same as on your computer. This is an improvement over the Windows 98 screen shots in the present help file.

The new version will also have some impact on the web site where there are references to it in the tutorial, for instance and they will be updated after the release of Prop Designer.