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Prop. Designer 0.9.4 released

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

In case you have not noticed, the latest version of Prop Designer has been released. Generally the differences are small between this an the previous release, probably the tip losses are smaller resulting in higher power and better off-design accuracy are the main differences.

The down side is the maths is even more unstable than the previous versions and you may find results that suffer from the maths, please check for this by looking at the Re and efficiency plots.

It is up to you if you wish to update or not.

Prop Designer

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

I am thinking of adding features to Prop Designer. A possible improvement that is reasonably easy to add would be a bit on bending moment along the blade. It is up to the user to use this information to work out the strength of the blade.

I was also thinking of adding the option of entering an existing blade design and seeing how good it is. At the moment Prop Designer initially calculates the blade angle based on blade element and momentum theory.

I don’t know what features people want so I normally add the features I want.